Financial Inventory

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Financial Inventory for Life Insurance Planning.

The following information will help you and your independent field underwriter/agent determine the best life insurance strategies for your family. 

Use a blank sheet of paper, or a notebook, and jot down the following items for review with your agent. The more accurate the numbers, the better, however, a ballpark figure can be helpful as a starting point.

  • List and total your current monthly income from all sources.
    • List spouses/partners incomes separately.
  • List expected 'post-mortem' monthly incomes
    • What is the expected amounts a spouse or partner will continue to receive when the other partner passes?
  • List out the monthly household bills/budget.
    • Note which costs will be reduced after a partner passes.
  • List anticipated Funeral/Burial/Cremation costs
  • List total of current consumer debts
  • List currently owned personal Life Insurance
    • Note: work insurance does not count
  • List other financial assets, ie Retirement/Investment accounts
  • Calculate home equity asset
    • Current value of home minus mortgages
  • As of today, if one spouse/partner passed away, would the other person stay in the same home, move to a smaller home, or move in with family?
    • Answer for both partners

Your agent will follow-up with you in the agreed upon time frame. Feel free to reach out to them sooner if you have questions.

Your assigned agent/field underwriter is:
Tom Franklin. Message Tom at 443-424-5005.

Our goal is to assist our clients to be in the best possible position when the day no one wants arrives. Our commitment is to treat you like our own family, to be frank and truthful with you, and to help you understand every recommendation we make.