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Mortgage Protection

The primary purpose of Mortgage Protection insurance is to make sure you & your family retain control of your home, and the equity you have accrued, in the event of your death or critical illness.  This insurance provides funds to your family if you pass away, or funds to you if you experience a covered medical diagnosis.

Note: Personal Mortgage Protection is not offered by your bank or mortgage company. Some lenders may offer a program that protects the lender if you pass away, but these plans are for the benefit of the lender (you make the payments).

Personal Mortgage Protection is owned and controlled by you. In fact, the plan stays in force, and in your control, even if you refinance or your loan is sold to another lender. And you designate who will receive the funds if you pass away, the money does not go to the loan company.

We think Mortgage Protection is valuable for most mortgage paying homeowners. We also know that each homeowner's situation is different – we work with 21 top-rated insurance companies, which means we have plans available to tailor to every situation. By the way, there are some situations where Mortgage Protection is not needed, and if that is your case we will tell you that.

In a ten to fifteen minute conversation we will be able to point you to the very best options for you.

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